Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum!

Holy moly! I absolutely didn't do a blog yesterday! But I'm making up for it now :-)

Remember that time I had a minor temper tantrum about ridiculous Christmas song lyrics? I still whole-heartedly stand behind those statements. And I had my first christmas shoes hearing of the season yesterday. Notice how I don't even validate that song by capitalizing the title? I think I've discovered the secret to being able to love on holiday music for 5 weeks without wanting to scratch your own ears off after hearing "Feliz Navidad" for the eleventy billionth time. (Side note: Did you know that there are only 19 words in that song? Repeated over and over and over for eternity.)

Tip 1: Wait until Thanksgiving to listen to your holiday tunes. I avoided 93.3 fm like the plague, since they decided that Halloween was a good time to become a 24 hour holiday music station. How rude.

Tip 2: Mix it in with some other music. Don't get me wrong. I have 5 Christmas music stations on my Pandora. That does not mean, however, that I've completely ix-nayed my other stations. Please believe that there is still a sufficient amount of booty shaking music that makes its way into the rotation.

Tip 3: Recognize and be okay with the fact that there are really only like 14 Christmas songs. Remixed, mashed-up, jazzed out, punk rocked, cartooned and christmas shoed (it gets its own damn category, because not once have I ever heard someone do a cover of that hot mess.)

So today, I'm thankful for holiday cheer. That fine balance that's just enough to satisfy my Carol of the Bells craving for the next 11 months (Let's be honest. I'll listen to it at some point in the summer. In my car. With the windows up. Belting it out at the top of my lungs.), but not so much that I'm curled up in a drooling huddle on the floor whisper screaming "Pa rum pum pum pum!" sniffing pine scented candles and shoving candy canes in my face!

Happy holidays lovies!!

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