Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vanity Plates Are for D-Bags...Or Are They?

I'm going to begin this with a disclaimer. The man I'm marrying has a vanity plate. If you know him pretty well, you know what it says and he knows how I feel about it. It's pretty douchey and has made for some interesting experiences when I drive his car. With that being said, on we go!

I'm not one for vanity plates in general, especially ones that have the driver's name. I mean, are you gonna forget who owns your car? This is the scenario I imagine:

Vanity plate owner walking through grocery store parking lot: "Jeez, I just can't remember where I parked my hot pink Hummer that I parked diagonally across 3 spaces! There's one the next row over, but I just don't know if it's mine. (walks 1 row over) Well, I guess it could be mine, but I'm not sure... (Looks at license plate) The plate says AliKat! Good thing I have this vanity plate!!"

Clearly, an exaggerated situation, but vanity plates aren't my thing. If you have them and love them, more power to you. I'm not judging (unless you have them on a hot pink Hummer, or any Hummer parked across more than 1 spot).

I have, over the years, seen some really good ones. So today, I am thankful for people who come up with clever vanity plate. The folks who have a sense of humor and make my drive a little more entertaining. Here are my favorites:

Brdwy Kd (Cynthia, remember when we were in college and would see this plate walking back to the dorms at least once a week and I could never figure out what it said?)

IMDC8U (What do you think this person's profession is?)

REEPCHP (Whenever you can make a reference to one of my favorite literary series, you get super cool points in my book all day long!)

Along the same lines, shout out to my girl Ishy...congrats on getting your license!

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  1. I, too, am firmly anti-vanity plate. Although, my loathing runs so deep that I have always been tempted to get my own vanity plate:

    "H8 UR PL8".

    If only it didn't take hypocrasy on my part to get it. (Plus, I would have to regularly take my car in for repairs from all of the keying scars it would incur.)