Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's Gettin Hot in Hurrr, So Take Off All Your Clothes! Wait, What?

I like to eat and I like to be warm. Definitely two of my favorite things, as I've talked about footie pjs (btdubs, I have mentioned footie pjs 4 separate times over the past year. Guess it's a good thing I finally got some!), heated mattress pad, hot chocolate, road trip snackums, you get the picture.

So, in keeping with that tradition, today I'm thankful for aaaaaaaaaaaaall this. And today is the inaugural fireplace fire of the season! Huzzah!

Unfortunately, my fire building skills are not on point. This is Danny's work.

It's one of my favorite features of our house. I sit on the floor as close as possible to the fireplace and rotate every few minutes when one side of my body starts feeling hot and jerky-esque. I love the way it makes the house smell like camping. I like to attempt to cook things over the fire. See how it all comes full circle? Fireplace, I salute you and your roasty toasty goodness!

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  1. Do they have big girl footed PJs? Because I would liken me one of those!