Friday, November 16, 2012

Damn You, Dick Wolf!

Quick! What's the best way to kill a few hours time? Best background noise while you're folding laundry? The thing you can find on tv, pretty much any day, any time? That's right!! Law & Order! Now, I'm not a huge fan of the whole franchise, but there's really only one that matters, right? SVU, duh! Which is what I'm thankful for today.

Have you ever noticed that the only time a single episode comes on is during the prime time slot when new shows come on? Any other time is a whole marathon. This is what happens...Saturday afternoon, you haven't gotten up and showered and started your day yet. You're just flipping channels until it's time to get going. Oooh, look! Law & Order: SVU is on! I haven't seen this one. Let me just watch for a few minutes, then I'll jump in the shower...8 hours later, you're sitting in a cloud of your own funk, glassy eyed, hungry and wondering why it's dark outside. Oh, wait. That's just me?

Do you also notice that no matter how many episodes you get sucked into watching, whenever there's a marathon on, you are almost guaranteed to have never seen 80% of the shows? How is that even mathematically possible?!? I think that I've seen at least 300 hours of SVU through the course of my life, but I never feel like "Oh, I've seen this one. The neighbor did it. I don't need to watch it." And without fail, Every. Single. Time. we watch an episode, Danny exclaims, "Damn you, Dick Wolf!" because that sumbitch always leaves you hanging!

The next reason I'm thankful for Law & Order SVU needs very few words...Christopher Meloni. Stone cold, stereophonic FOX! Nuff said.

Point 4...You can always, ALWAYS tell what season they're in just by Mariska Hargitay's hair and makeup choices. The pixie in later seasons was a good look for her. The early dark hair and lipstick combo? Not so much.
Season 1. Dark hair and lipstick. Yeesh!
Season 9. Much better...

Tamara Tunie, I want your hair. Not in a creepy "It puts the lotion on or it gets the hose again" skin suit kind of way, but I really want for my hair to grow into those glorious curls!

As a final parting gift, I saw this on TV today and needed to share it with you lovelies. Go ahead and skip to 2:00. You can thank me later...

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  1. I love SVU. I love Mariska. Actress beautiful and talented.