Friday, November 9, 2012

My Favorite Babushka!

When I say my favorite Babushka, I guess that implies that I have more than 1? It means a "triangularly folded headscarf for the head" (of which I have none) or a Russian term for grandmother (of which I have 2). Oh boy. This could get awkward...oh, but wait! We're not Russian, and I don't refer to either of my grandmothers as "babushka," so, no favoritism there!

Anywho, today I'm thankful for my favorite Babushka, which is Babushka's Kitchen. I've been in love with this little gem of a Polish restaurant for well over a year (you can find out about that here...), and they have been closed for several months, relocating. They finally opened back up in the past couple weeks and we are going for dinner tonight!!

Saurkraut and dumplings? Yes please!
Fresh kielbasa? Why, don't mind if I do!
Golabki? Get in my belly, you saucy little minx!
Pierogi? If you insist!
Kolachky? Can't resist it!
You get the picture.

And then we're going to the movies. Probably a waste of $20, because we'll both most likely be in a food coma, but that's a risk we are willing to take ;-)

Happy Friday, lovebugs!

***UPDATE: After experiencing the first sleepies of a food coma, we decided to RedBox it up and spend the evening at home. I think that is the best decision for everyone involved...

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