Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Whole New Woooooorld...

You know how sometimes you just have to go a little crazy? Let your hair down and sing it out?

I did that on my way home from, which is why today, I am thankful for the relative anonymity of my car and here are the top 5 reasons why:

  • I love being able to belt out songs and know that no one is judging my scratchy, cough-ravaged voice. 
  • Sometimes my inner thug just needs to be let out. I'm sure I would have frightened many a little old lady had they heard my charming rendition of "Murder Was The Case." 
  •  I curse like a sailor when people cut me off or lurk in either the damn merge or pass lane without paying attention to the fact that people are trying to, I don't know, merge or pass! (EARMUFFS or EYEMUFFS, since you can't really hear me saying this: Some of my favorites are "dick biscuit," "fucking cuntbag,""asswagon," and "pretty pretty princess!" That last one's not really true, but I didn't want you to think that I'm a completely terrible person.) It's really good that the other drivers can't hear me. 
  • Showtunes and Disney songs? Turn them shits up all day long!
  • I have personal dance parties in my car. I guess that part's not as anonymous because others can see me. But it's really fun to get all the way down to funky town, knowing that the driver next to you is surreptitiously watching you, and then look directly at them and make eye contact, like "I know you're watching me, and now you know I know. How uncomfortable are you, car voyeur?!?" 

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  1. I sing SO loud in my car. Sometimes I have to be careful at the red lights cause people look at me haha.