Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Violet! You're Turning Violet, Violet!

Hello. My name is Violet and I'm a driving machine!
I've had the pleasure of living in some pretty awesome places. Before moving back to Ohio three and a half years ago (Whaaaaa?!?! It's really been that long??), I lived in California, and before that, Ohio again, and then before that, I was in Florida. Interesting...I seem to go from warm to cold. Damn it Ohio, I just can't quit you! Anywhoosies, since March of 2005, I've had THIS sturdy beast that has driven me across the country numerous times.

So today, I'm thankful for Violet. She's driven over mountains, through deserts, under arches, along beaches. She's been backed into, kicked, driven on E for miles and miles (Many, many times. But she's never completely run out on me. We have a pretty good relationship.), had broken struts, had brakes changed by yours truly (That's a personal sign of bad assery for me: the fact that I can get up under a car and change the brakes. I know how to exactly two car tasks, beyond checking fluid levels, and changing disc brakes and wiper blades are them.), spun out on ice and packed up my entire life and moved me to a whole new world. She's also keeping my house running right now while the Jeep is in the shop. She makes being a one car household a pleasure :-)

"Look out butterflies! I'll eat you for breakfast!" - Violet
Miss Violet, I raise a glass to you (From the driveway of course. Not condoning drinking and driving!) and your awesome ability to keep on chugging, no matter how hard I drive you!

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