Friday, November 16, 2012

We Do Have Kids. They Just Happen to Have 8 Legs Between the Two of Them...

I've never been an animal person. Danny, however, is the damn dog/cat/rabbit/duck/what-have-you whisperer. When I was growing up, we had one dog. That dog, Lui, died when I was 19, and within a year, we had 2 dogs and a cat. I don't even know how that happened. But I was in college when this all went down and the only other significant amount of time I spent with the pets was when I moved back home for a year after college. Even then, I lived in the basement and they never went down there. The first time that Danny and I lived together, we had 2 cats, which was a huge mess, as a) I'm allergic to cats, and b) they were some crotchety old critters, one of whom scratched my face up and puked in my purse. So, there was no love lost there either.

I remained petless and dog hair free for several more years until I moved back to Ohio Danny. By that time, Danny had a dog and 2 cats, but I was living on campus, so it didn't matter. During the 2 years that I lived on campus, we went from having 1 dog and 2 cats to 2 dogs and no cats (We totes did a pet trade. I couldn't live with the cats and Danny had a friend who was moving and couldn't take her dog to her new place. Win win for everyone!).

So, today I'm thankful for our pups. I know that we have definitely had our ups and downs (You remember Dog-Mageddon, right?), but I do love them. Like, a lot. I'm not really big on clingy neediness, which is a big part of the reason why I don't have kids, and these pups are 70 pound lap dogs and all they want to do is snug all up on you. I also hate dog hair all over the house. But these two are big ole luvbugs.

I take care of them when they're sick. I give them super belly rubs. I throw Lola's ball over and over and over. And over. I feel terrible that I'm not as physically affectionate to them as they want to be to me, but I am so thankful that they love me, no matter what. When I'm sad or don't feel well, they just lay with me. When I'm at the house by myself, at least one of them will follow me from room to room, so that I'm not alone. They protect me from the vacuum cleaner monster (which can get really annoying when I'm trying to clean the house, but I know that it's coming from a place of love.) They eat the tops from my carrots when I'm making juice. Any stray ice cubes that fall out of the freezer? Instantly taken care of by the pups!

So, Bozz and Lola, I <3 yous guys. You still can't lay on my feet, and stop stealing my damn blankets at night! But thank you for protecting me and loving me. Your cold nose nuzzles are much appreciated!

See? Lapdog!

3 of my favorite critters all snugged up.

Look at those puddums!

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