Monday, August 1, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Here are my two pups. Lola (my pretty girl) is the brown one on the left and Bozz (my handsome man) is the blond one on the right. They are 65 (each) pounds of pure, unadulterated, crazy ass, wanna-be-lapdog love. Since I'm home most of the day, we hang out. I work on the computer in the kitchen, they wrestle like UFC cage fighters in the living room. Sometimes they lay down next to me in the kitchen and Lola gets distracted by the squirrels she can see through the back door. The squirrels frolic and taunt her and she gets into her pitbull attention stance. It kinda makes me laugh, since I hate squirrels. On the other hand, it's a bit annoying when we go for a walk because she almost rips my arm out of the socket to get to them...usually while Bozz is on the other leash stopping to pee on something. Anything really.

They also shed like it's their job. Which is why I find myself sweeping the entire house every week and collecting enough hair to create my wig shop (you know, if you were in the market for an exceptionally short dog hair wig...). So today I decided it was time to get a little dog grooming on. I took them each outside and brushed them to get rid of as much loose fur as I could. They LOVE this part of the grooming. It's like a doggie massage. Then I took each one into the bathroom. For...A BATH...(cue horror music: dun dun DUUUUUNNNNNN)

This is the not so enjoyable part of the grooming. Lola loves the shower. Whenever Danny or I take a shower, she's got her big old block head right around the shower curtain trying to lick the water or climb in. When it's time for her to have a bath, it's a whole other story. But I got her in and did a whole lot of baby talk ("You're such a good girl, Lola-bear!") so she calmed down. Bozz, on the other hand, doesn't want to have anything to do with the shower, so when I got him in the bathroom and shut the door, the jig was up. Instantly, he was all skittery claws, trying to get away from me in our tiny bathroom. I heaved him in the tub, did a whole lot more baby talk, and got him clean.

Now I have a bathroom covered in water (Lola may or may not have jumped out right when I started spraying her down. And of course they both shook everywhere when I let them out of the tub), two damp dogs intent on rubbing themselves on every surface in the house, and me, covered in dog hair and water.

I love our dogs, but man, I need a shower now!

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