Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Snacks I Love

Since I am spending the better part of my days at home, I'm finding a lot more time to cook and make delicious treats. Here are some favorites that I have discovered:

Yogurt Parfait
I have only eaten plain Greek yogurt (with a little honey, granola, pecans and craisins) for about a year now, and plain regular yogurt for about 2 years before that, so when the boy made this for brunch at his mom's a few months ago, I wasn't sure about it at first. I am now ENAMORED with it. So light and delicious and refreshing...perfect for a hot summer day!

1 large container of low-fat vanilla yogurt
1/8 - 1/4 cup lemon juice (to taste)
1/8 - 1/4 cup honey (to taste)

1/2 cup each of your choice berries (frozen or fresh), sliced bananas, mandarin orange pieces, really, any fruit you want, granola.

Thoroughly mix yogurt, lemon juice and honey. Add any fruit you like. I use raspberries, blackberries and mandarin oranges. Pop it in the freezer for a few minutes, then sprinkle a little granola over top. Pure. Heavenly. Bliss

Roasted Chicken on the Grill
It's much too hot to use the oven or really the stove, so I took a whole chicken, cut the backbone out (that was a whole experience in itself...weirded me out a whole lot because it kinda felt like I was holding a baby at first. I don't do well with raw chicken, but that can be a whole other post on its own) so I could flatten it on the grill. Make a baste of lemon juice, butter, salt, pepper and whatever herbs you like. Throw it on the grill, skin side down, let the skin crisp and then turn the heat down (or move to a cooler part of the grill) and let it cook through. Great that day, for sandwiches the next day, making chicken stock, all sorts of good things. Deeeeelish!

Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes
I LOVE summer tomatoes! Scoop the guts out, and chop them up. Add crumbled, cooked bacon, parmesan cheese, a little spinach, finely minced garlic and onion, bread crumbs, salt, pepper. Put the mixture back into the tomatoes, and bake them until the topping starts to crisp. So dang good! I think I may make those for dinner tonight...

Grilled Sweet Corn
Corn in husk. Grill. Peel it, add a touch of butter, salt and chili powder. Per. Fec. Tion.

Lemonbalm Berry Mint Tea

This my herb garden. The bushy plants in the bottom left are lemonbalm and chocolate mint. And they are getting way out of control. In an effort to use them up a little, I came up with this tea:

Gently grind about a cup of lemonbalm and mint (2:1 ratio) in a mortar and pestle. Add to 1 qt water, bring to a boil. Remove the leaves, let it cool and add honey to taste. Strain into a pitcher, add raspberries and blackberries (I had some left over from my yogurt parfait), mash the berries gently and add ice. Super refreshing, and it's such a pretty pink color!

Man, I'm getting hungry...


  1. I reallllly want to like Greek yogurt, so I will try that recipe. Now I'm hungry! Thanks :)

  2. I tried it with Greek yogurt and I wasn't a big fan. It was too tart, even for me. Maybe more honey and bananas instead of blackberries would make it a little more palatable... Let me know what you try!