Friday, July 15, 2011

Adventures in Domesticating

Okay, so here's a little about me...

My name's Amber and I am not really crafty or into DIY projects, I am 2 weeks into my funemployment (by choice, changing career fields. I'll probably get into that whole process later...), I love to eat and I'm not a huge animal lover. I recently moved in with the boy (my beau, Danny is a chef, but hates to cook at home), who wants to be the king of all things handy and our two sweet, but slightly crazy pups. He watches the DIY network for funsies (although I did get him started watching Pretty Little Liars this season. Score for me!), and most nights I will find him fiddling around in the basement with some wood and tools.

In my world, if something breaks, you call someone to fix it. You need new furniture? Go to the store and buy it. Or don't and go without. But those are really the only two options. In the boy's world, when I say, "Hey we need a laundry hamper with a lid because the dogs keep chewing up my undas at night" (Yup, that's what I call my unmentionables. Don't even worry about it), he says, "Oh, we can make that. I'll build the frame and you sew the liner." Even though he's NEVER done it before and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SEW!!

So, given the fact that I've got a lot of time on my hands, I'm not trying to drop tons of money for new stuff, and because, at heart I really want to be cute and crafty and handywoman extraordinaire, I'm trying tons of new things. We built a fire pit in the back yard. I've started a garden for the first time. (Most of the veggies I started from seed have died, but hey, it's a learning experience and I will have an AMAZING garden next year :-D)

Two projects currently in the works: Shadowbox jewelry holder, and 8 foot picture frame. As I go, I'll share what I'm doing, what I've learned and try not to hurt myself too badly in the process!

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