Monday, September 12, 2011

A Fence, A Fence! My Kingdom for a Fence!

Today, we completed day 2 of fence construction. Well, technically day 3 if you count the day we spent last weekend digging holes with a post hole digger. (I may or may not have fallen into one of those holes while we were cleaning up, but that's neither here nor there...) It's funny, because even though it doesn't seem like a lot has been done, this business takes a LOOOOOOOONG TIME! The majority of time has been spent getting materials, one Jeep-load at a time. We make a list, hoof it over to Menard's and spent an hour or two finding everything we need, pulling the Jeep around back and loading it up. Then we spend another hour driving home (usually with me curled up in a little ball in the passenger seat, holding boards poking over my head and cowering in fear that if we take a turn too sharply, I may just end up with my head smooshed against the window) and unloading everything.

At this point, we've got enough materials to finish about half the fence, so we should get a ton done on Sunday. The sucky (not really) part is that now I have a NEW JOB (Huzzah!!), I won't be home all day on Mondays for us to have 2 full days to get things done. I'll take that trade-off :-D. I laugh whenever we are outside working because the dogs always look at us like they are ready to jump through the door. I think they know we're getting ready to let them loose in the backyard and they just can't wait!

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