Thursday, January 26, 2012

The End of World War 3: Dog-Mageddon!

As you may know, I have had some serious issues with the dogs sleeping in the bed. If you were not aware of this, check it out. Dog-Mageddon was kind of a shitshow. One night a couple of months ago, I was sick, and the dogs were all over me in the bed and I couldn't sleep, so I got up and slept on the couch. That night, I think Danny realized I was at my breaking point and the next day he ordered an extra large memory foam dog bed. Let me just tell you about this dog mattress. It is almost as wide as our queen sized bed, and about 3 feet across. And then he decided that we needed to build a frame for it so that it was up off the floor. A frame that was the same height as the bed so that the dogs would feel like they are still on the bed with us.

Basic frame

Frame with center divider

Danny and Bozz breaking in the new bed. Look at Lola being a hussy and not using her bed!

So we built a dog bed. It is huge. But pretty awesome. It's got storage underneath (which we need soooo badly!), wheels for easy movement, and it's made out of solid wood. It is a sexy piece of woodwork. The interesting part is that Lola is the one who has been being an asshole and not sleeping on the dog bed at night. We were both so sure that Bozz would be resistant because he and the boy do some heavy duty spooning every night. But homeboy just gets right into his bed, nests up in his blankets and conks out. Lola, on the other hand, is still battling with me. But she'll get it. When she realizes that she can get a full night's sleep and not be kicked all night for laying on my feet, she'll move.
I mean, I guess your bed isn't good enough for you dogs...
The stain is the same color as the floor, so it matches!
Look at all that storage! And that good boy on his bed :-)

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