Monday, November 7, 2011

Om Nom Nom: Honey Dip Donuts and Diner

This past weekend, the boy and I had an unexpected weekend where we both had Saturday and Sunday off, with no plans! We may or may not have gotten the dates of a birthday party mixed up, but at least it afforded us some much needed relaxation time! In my perusal of this week's Alive magazine, I came upon an article about Honey Dip Donuts and Diner. Since we're always looking for new brunch places, I thought this would be a great option because we both love donuts and small, homey, family-run type places, and I figured this would hit the spot.

When we got there, it looked packed, but it was really a gaggle of people at the counter either waiting to pay for their meals, or to buy some donuts. We quickly found a seat, and I was pretty stoked about the menu, nothing special, just some good diner num nums. We ordered drinks, they came. We ordered food. And waited. And waited. And waited. Three groups came in after we did, ordered food, drinks and donuts, and received all those things before we got our food. Then they got their checks and left. We still waited.

I got pissed. Danny got frustrated with me because I was pissed. Our waitress came to the table a couple of times and said, "Oh, they're really backed up in the kitchen. It'll just be a couple of minutes." After about a half hour of waiting, tapping my feet, fidgeting, staring at the kitchen window and giving a few incredibly harassed sighs, I finally went up to the waitress and asked if our food was almost ready. She rolled her eyes and said again, "They're just slammed back there. Your food will be out in a minute."

I almost cut her, for several reasons. 1) By this point I am starving, which kinda makes me grumpy, and watching everyone around us eat made it even worse. 2) I've been drinking coffee, which makes my tum hurt if I don't have some food with it. 3) Nine. NINE other people came in after us and have gotten food. Clearly the kitchen wasn't that slammed that those people couldn't get their food. 4) No, you did not just roll your damn eyes at me, missy, after I had to come ask you about where my food was!

Let me tell you about the food. We both ordered sausage patties. They forgot one of the orders of sausage. (Danny scooted the plate that came to the table towards me, because he could tell I was not planning to be pleasant if I had to say another word to the waitress.) Then they brought Danny a plate of sausage links, because they ran out of patties. Then the waitress says "We ran out of potatoes, so they had to slice up some more for you." That would have been nice...if the damn things were cooked all the way through! But they were good and crunchy, like raw potatoes. My omelet was exceptionally flavorless.

The one redeeming quality of the whole breakfast experience was the guy at the table behind us having breakfast with his family (parents, little sibs, the whole shebang). With multiple penises drawn on his face in permanent marker. He clearly tried to wash them off, but it didn't work at all. When I whispered to Danny, "Look at the guy over my shoulder with the dicks on his face!" we both giggled a little.

Danny did mention that since they had just been featured in Alive, that they probably got a rush of people coming to try them out, just like we were doing, which could account for why they ran out of things. Fine. I'll give them that. But don't tell me how backed up the kitchen is, and then serve 3 tables of people who came in after us.

The donuts were pretty good. We ordered a half dozen to go, because I was not going to be spending any more time than necessary in that shitshow. Honey Dip, you are a Honey, DON'T. I shan't be returning. And it's sad because you had so much potential...

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