Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And Now She's Back, From Outer Space...(I think those are the lyrics, right?!?)

Holy bejeezus, it's been ages since I've written! Life's been cuckoo bananas the past couple of months. The new job, working on the upstairs, making my first foray into the world of scrapbooking, getting some new ink, being awesome in general. You know, the yoozj (I say this all the time as a shortened version of "usual." This is the closest I can come to spelling it phonetically. Damn you, abrevs, damn you!)

So,'s been good. Busy. I'm working on two weddings with my old job. I had been with these two couples from the beginning of their planning processes, and B&F let me stay on with them for these two events, to keep continuity, which was nice of them. I'm learning a lot about the hotel business in my new job. It's weird, you don't really consider how much jargon you use in any given field, until you are in a different field and have to learn all new jargon. My short term goal for this job is to move from being hourly to being a salaried employee within 6 months. I have 4 months left. I think it'll happen :-D

That says "Happy Mother's Day from,  the Kids"
My sisters and I put together a scrapbook for our mom for Mother's Day, which was my first attempt at scrapbooking. On the one hand, I liked being able to have a tangible project that I could show off. On the other hand, it's crazy expensive and super overwhelming. I walked into the scrapbooking store and almost had a damn heart attack. There were colors and books and patterns and big paper and little paper and weird tools and stickers and more paper and sparkles and a whole room full of women cutting paper and chattering at each other. I almost turned around and walked out the door. But, I sucked it up, had the saleswoman show me around. In the end, it turned out to be colorful and kinda mismatched, a little uneven, but completely heartfelt and perfect. We each contacted our friends to send us a little note or picture of a memory they had of our mom. It was amazing, all of the wonderful things that people had to say about her and how she impacted their lives. And I'm not gonna lie, I cried a little bit while I was making it. No shame in my game...

On a related note, Mom wants us all to get matching-ish tattoos that say I Hope You Dance. Mom and Jade got theirs on Monday and I got mine after work today. They are all in different locations on our bodies and in different fonts and they completely reflect our personalities! Mine is a beaut!

And finally, the upstairs...It has been a BEAST! But, we've redone the floors, painted the walls, put up a new ceiling, added a couple of circuits, and put in the surround sound. We still have to put up the trim on and paint the ceiling and that's it. (As soon as it's all done, I'll post pictures of the entire remodel. It's been quite a journey!) Then we get to move furniture up and relax for a few months until the next project! Just kidding. Our bathroom has just about shit the bed. The shower tiles are starting to fall off, which means, rather than building our patio this summer and enjoying the outside, we're going to be redoing the bathroom much sooner than anticipated. Ah well, the joys of home improvement...

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