Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Om Nom Nom: Flip Side

Hello my lovely friends! I've been all over the place recently. Got a new job (HUZZAH!), started a huge project on the house, got my ass in gear and have been doing some major gymming (my collarbones are making a comeback!), and I'm just enjoying life in general, especially this crazy awesome weather we've been having!

Tonight, the boy and I went to pick out paint for the upstairs. This is a chore. If you know me at all, you know I love bright colors. The rest of our house is pretty much a crayon box (paint colors courtesy of moi), and we can never agree on colors. For the upstairs, I wanted a pretty sage green, and the boy wanted a buttery yellow. After 2 store visits, a couple of paint samples, and another half hour at Lowe's today, we finally decided on a very light yellow. I gave in. But that's beside the point. What I want to talk about is what happened after the paint choosing. We went to Flip Side.

This is a new little gem at Easton. They have a great beer list and do mostly burgers, fries and shakes. I ordered the Black + Blue burger and fries and the boy got the Flipside Burger. When I bit into my burger, I was so pleased that it didn't instantly fall apart, because that's what burgers usually do when they get into my hands. Then I noticed the flavor of the burger was outstanding! As I ate it, I realized that the whole patty was encrusted with peppercorns, and it gave the burger a slight tingle in my mouth. Bleu cheese is always a winner, and there were some port braised onions that gave this bad boy another level of depth.

At first we decided that we were going to get some of the fancy fries (my vote was on the truffle fries with cheese), but in the end, we both ended up getting plain fries. Great choice. Hand cut, with a little salt and some herbage, perhaps parsley. It was just what a french fry is supposed to taste like. Simple yet delicious. Also, they have an amazing housemade barbeque sauce. Tangy, oniony, smokey. Just. Glorious.

By the time we were done, I was full enough that nothing on the dessert list struck my fancy. However, the milkshake list looks like everything want in my belly right now. And they give you liquor/beer options to add to them. I mean, ice cream + booze. Really? Hell. Yes.

The next time I go back, (and there will be a next time. There are far too many drink/burger/snacky options there for me not to!) I'm totes grabbing a seat on the patio, having a craft beer, picking a burger to fit my mood, which will probably be the Chili Pepper Burger, or maybe the Green Eggs + Ham Burger...oooh, or what about the Curry Lamb Burger?!? You get the idea. A boozy milkshake will also be invited to this party.

Happy hour? Yes please. And Flip Side seems like a great place to have it!

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