Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hashtag CurlyGirlProblems...

So, I have a little anecdotey-dote for ya! But you need to know a few things first:

Fact 1) I have to be up and on the road to Cleveland for work by 5:15 tomorrow. As in "a.m." That's a real life time.
Fact 2) I really enjoy sleep. Like to the point that I get real cranky real fast if I don't get enough. Realistically, I'm a 7-8 hours per night kinda gal and my hubs makes fun of me because I have to plan my sleep schedule. Trust me, it's just better for everyone involved if I get enough sleep.
Fact 3) My hair. It is a fact of life.

And here we go. As I have to be up and a productive member of society before the sun has even rolled out of bed, I decided, like any mature, responsible adult would, to take a shower and try to wrangle my hair tonight. Because lord only knows what will happen if I try to make anything happen with it while I'm 3/4 of the way asleep, and truly, it's just too much hair to fuck with at that time of the day (night? Whatever, I'm asleep).
This is what my hair would do. Jesus, this is terrifying on so many levels...
Mid-conditioner and the unthinkable happens...

Rest in heaven, Little Brush.
True life representation of my shower experience.

So now, I'm stuck raptor clawing a busted ass hairbrush, it's taken me twice as long to finish my shower, because NO MATTER WHAT I cannot leave my hair only half brushed and of course, the water has now gone cold. But in the end, 2 socks, 2 ponytail holders, 2.5 brushes, leave in conditioner and hair gel later, I got this sweet ass bun cracking and I don't have to mess with it in the morning. Hair - 0, Amber - 1. WINNER.

There's an entire pair of (mismatched) socks in there!

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